Driftspace Testimonials

Driftspace is already being used by professionals to create one of a kind experiences in VR for their audiences, clients and fans.

Anita Lin and Armin Khayatian

Designers and creatives

Overall we've really enjoyed the ability to create immersive experiences without having to do any coding. It was incredibly intuitive to learn and use. And we can understand how it could shift storytelling in the future.

Braden Brunk

owner of Lucent Studios

As VR becomes a more generally used media, whether it's for interactive films, or entertainment or storytelling; Driftspace has all of the things that any artist is going to need to create and collaborate with a team.

Stijn Swinnen

Freelance photographer and videographer

I see a huge benefit of storytelling using the platform. It's very easy to use, to put everything together; you don't have to be super technical and the experience is already fabulous.

Hans O. Karlsson

owner of Mimir LLC

And this is how easy it is to build in Driftspace, you can build stuff in minutes and bring in your own material. Which I think is quite unique. I haven't seen anything like it.