Case Studies

We’ve collected some examples to help demonstrate how you can use Driftspace to create something incredible today.

But these case studies are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of Driftspace’s potential. They demonstrate how video producers can work together with non-profit organizations to create immersive and emotionally moving VR experiences for their audience. But Driftspace isn’t limited to projects like these—it can be used by international marketing agencies, independent filmmakers, VR enthusiasts, or just everyday people. Using Driftspace, you can raise awareness for your brand, hold virtual field trips and meetings, train and collaborate with colleagues in remote locations, and even show off what your last vacation was like! There are no boundaries with Driftspace.

India Youth Fund

We helped India Youth Fund create an immersive VR experience that introduces the viewer to four young students living in Mumbai. Through the efforts of the India Youth Fund, these students are able to learn valuable life skills and gain confidence in their ability to change their lives and support their families.

Driftspace helps transport the viewer to these locations—places they would likely never visit—to understand the challenges that many young Indians face and how India Youth Fund makes a difference in their lives.

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Return to Dadaab

Documentary filmmaker Daniel Quintanilla worked with Driftspace to create an immersive VR experience that brings viewers into life in a refugee camp in Kenya.

Shuab Mahat returns to the refugee camp in Kenya that he left to come to the United States. Reuniting with his family, he reimmerses himself in camp life, showing off how the refugees build, cook, gather food, and mourn. This soulful experience transports the viewer to the other side of the world, bringing us face to face with difficulties, uncertainties, and the immensity of human perseverance.

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Island Land

Island Land is a project undertaken in partnership with the Island Institute and the Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries. From a single central location, viewers are able to travel to and experience life on a fictional Maine island.

Featuring a wide variety of experiences, including everything from brewing beer to a helicopter ride to a recreation of what it’s like to be caught as a lobster, Island Land brings its viewers deeply into the laidback lifestyle, traditional occupations, and beautiful scenery of the islands of Maine.