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Create Without Code

Driftspace allows creators to make engaging and interactive content without having to know a line of code. Use 360 videos, 360 panorama images, images, text, and links to create immersive stories, documentaries, and other forms of content. With Driftspace, experiencing VR is easier than ever before.

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Tell Compelling and Interactive Stories

Virtual, mixed, and extended reality (VR/MR/XR) represent the next frontier of media. This new medium will rapidly become as important as television or the web as a communications platform. But the creation of virtual reality content is mostly locked up in the hands of coders and digital artists. Driftspace democratizes and simplifies the process of creating VR content, bringing the power to build immersive worlds to creators everywhere.

Create Engaging Content

Use Driftspace to simply create immersive VR experiences. It’s as easy as uploading your media to the cloud and arranging it into stories right through your headset.


Seamless Collaboration

Driftspace not only allows you to seamlessly combine your media however you want, it also lets you view and edit your creations together with your friends, colleagues, students, or anyone else you can think of. Enjoy live viewing of your creations with your friends at the same time from anywhere in the world.


Reach Further

Our headset and web-based viewing platforms let you bring what you’ve created to your audience, no matter where they are or what sort of hardware they’re using. Export your creations to our web-based viewer to expand your audience or invite your friends into the fun through Driftspace itself.


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Anita Lin and Armin Khayatian


Overall we've really enjoyed the ability to create immersive experiences without having to do any coding. It was incredibly intuitive to learn and use. And we can understand how it could shift storytelling in the future.

Braden Brunk


As VR becomes a more generally used media, whether it's for interactive films, or entertainment or storytelling; Driftspace has all of the things that any artist is going to need to create and collaborate with a team.

Stijn Swinnen


I see a huge benefit of storytelling using the platform. It's very easy to use, to put everything together; you don't have to be super technical and the experience is already fabulous.

Hans Karlsson


And this is how easy it is to build in Driftspace, you can build stuff in minutes and bring in your own material. Which I think is quite unique. I haven't seen anything like it.

India Youth Fund

We used Driftspace to create a custom VR experience for the India Youth Fund that shows how their efforts have made a real difference in the lives of hundreds of young people in India.

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Island Land

Collaborating with Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries and the Island Institute, we leveraged the powerful features of Driftspace to put viewers on and around a Maine island to experience everything that the island lifestyle has to offer.

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Return to Dadaab

We helped documentary filmmaker Daniel Quintanilla create an immersive VR experience that accompanies Shuab Mahat to the refugee camp in Kenya where his family lives. Shuab shows us what life is like in the camp, meditating on where he has come from and what kind of future awaits those he has left behind.

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