What is Driftspace?

Imagine being able to walk into a story with your friends.

You’re inside a VR 360-video that has text, images, and links overlayed to bring this story to life. You and your friends are in the same digital room – you can see each other, talk and gesture. Welcome to Driftspace.

Driftspace was created with seamless collaboration in mind. You can collaborate with anyone throughout the entire Driftspace journey from start to finish. Create together. Experience together.

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Driftspace Features

No Code
Virtual Reality

Branching Narrative Stories & Experiences

Import 360 Video Images & More

Build Stories

Virtual Reality Without Code

Build virtual reality experiences without code and share them with the world.

Save Time

Dramatically improve development times using our drag and drop editor. Now you can create engaging content from within your headset.

Intuitive Interface

Our emphasis on user experience lets you create, modify, rotate, and publish your content with minimal training and no need to navigate confusing menus.

Branching Narratives

Mimic the layout of spaces, the flow of time, or invent your own method of organizing your content.

Easily Connect Spaces

Point and click to build links between scenes that let your audience smoothly navigate virtual reality.

Expand Your World

With Driftspace, there’s no limit on what you can create. From single scene drifts to epic compilations, you are in complete control.

Mash-up Your Media

Import images, text, audio, and 360 videos and more to build the perfect drift. What will you create?

Create Your Own World

Position, rotate, and time stamp your media to build exclusive experiences for your audience.

Loop, Rotate, and Fade

Driftspace gives you all the tools you need to manipulate and combine media in an infinite number of ways.

Create & Experience Together

Driftspace lets you do all of this together with friends, clients, students, or anyone else.

Edit or Watch

Join drifts together to build new content, make small changes, and preview the finished product. Or just grab some popcorn and hang out!

Travel Together

Move seamlessly from one scene to another or to whole other drifts. Everyone comes with you.

Create Together
Experience Together

Build virtual reality experiences without code and experience them with the world.